Frenk Tholwyn

knife fighting Ur-Ukari bodyguard with friends in strange places


STR 5 Wits 7 Extr 4* Intr 1
DEX 8 Perc 6 Pass 1 Calm 5*
END 6 Tech 5 Faith 3 Ego 1 ← Ronga
Psi 3 (6xp)
Urge (0)
Charm 3 Focus 4
Dodge 6 Lore: Poison 3
Fight 6 Speaks: Ukari, Urthish
Impress 3 Reads: Ukari, Urthish
Melee 8 Lore: Ukari Theology/Metaphysics: 3
Observ. 6
Shoot 6
Vigor 6

Incompatibility 1

Max Vitality: 5+endurance= 11
Current Vitality (-10/-8/-6/-4/-2/0/0/0/0/0/0)

today: no down wyrd, took 0 points of damage

Max Wyrd: 5
Current Wyrd: 5

XP Total: 42
XP CURRENT: 8 (10 on Focus, 7 on lore: Ukari Mythology/Theology, 5 on lore:Poison, 2 xp remove blood debt, 6 to raise Psi, 4 to buy Subtle Sight)

Blessing: Disciplined (+2 calm in combat situations)
Curse: Scary (-2 extrovert)
(Ukari -2 Calm around outsiders, or something)

Sixth Sense: stigma: squirming/crawling baa’mon (they just move, don’t spell out new stuff)
Sensitivity (perc+obs)
Darksense (wits+obs)
Subtle Sight (extr+obs)

Martial arts combat techniques
Kraxi: Fencing: Jox Kai Von:
Parry (1) Parry (1) Engage (1)
Thrust (2) Thrust (2-1) Sticky Hands (3) [
Disarm (5) Martial Hold (3-1)
Offhand (6) Gisdrom’s lesson (5) [unarmed disarm]
Ukmor’s Grasp(8) [grab+stab]

Relevant Benefices: Gossip Network Coven Member (Favayana (sp)) Enlisted 3 (Sgt.)
Afflictions: Branded (inquisition torture) - Indebted (blood debt to Andy) – (2 xp)

Clothing (leathers, galisp, al Malik surplus) — defense 5, per leather
Pair of Kraxkari knives (4 dam., usually Plox, penetrates armor on 1) from black ceramsteel-like hull of Argushni’s Spear (Crashed Ukar Battleship)
3 quality, see page 200 of basebook
Spring Knife (switchblade)
Stunner, 2 cells
Waterproof digital timepiece, set to Ukari numerals (
1 quality, justification for Ukari numerals)
4 smoke grenades, no delay timer
8 doses of Plox toxin (also req. ammt. of solvent) pg 216
TL 5 version of Squawker (earpiece+boom style)
Flesh Cavity (with switchblade in it, extra room)
small change (less than a talon)

  • 3-shot revolver/flaregun/heavy-pistol version of the Rocketeer (which is a 6-shot shotgun-sized explosive launcher from basebook)
  • medium automatic pistol with needler rounds, including some drug needler rounds, higher TL to imply silent magnetic firing mechanism (+20% to cost of pistol), possibly an Ukari-preferred design
  • heavy-pistol sized flamer (+2 TL, 20% extra to cost as compared to Avestite issue. alternate mechanism and fuel: super-heats it’s payload with microwaves, decreased shot capacity)

(new, Byz. 2ndus) pleather trenchcoat, galsip armor, galsip clothes, (p)leather clothes, lots of holsters and pockets, etc.

Our web

world- Artemis
world- Victoria
world- Arewon / Arewan
world- (to be named)

theological notes:

Amdwontha: the creator
Amrivga: world spirit
Anikrunta: the lawgiver
Mortos the Devourer: great behemouth swallowing sun… yeah

Rilos/sons of Rilos: war gods
The T’lintoi: gods of the Obun

Sapa: goddess of destiny
Glanglun-Untya: God of pain, creator of baa’mon
Saddareaper: goddess of smiths and technology

Sukara: The Crypt-Keeper (burning hair, cloak of eyes)
Liwong Dhyan: hemaphroditic god(ess) of hearth
Dzwornga: Goddess of wisdom, former Obun goddess
Uysadda the Masked God, trickster

Ronga: martial Buddhism, if Banjack is Hinduism


born into an outlaw clan, deep in Kordeth (clan Thlowyn, who can trace their history all the way back to mythological times)

a shaman/ martial arts mentor figure told him that he had a destiny, and he must seek it among the stars.

he heads towards the surface, and sneaks into a settlement. Learns Urthish, gets into rough-and-tumble situations (fights) a lot

Ukari magistrate sends him to al Malik recruiter (rather than jail). Fights in the Emperor Wars with distinction, eventually rising to the rank of Sgt. in a commando unit. Participates in night raids, close combat boarding actions, deep-behind-enemy-lines spook ops.


Discharged from al Malik service prior to Alexius’ ascension, fell in with …………. Frequent run-ins with human law, didn’t like staying in an surface al Malik ghetto. People who get confronted by groups of armed drunk humans and wind up assaulting them with their own weapons don’t tend to be the legal system’s favorites… but this did help him meet all sorts of very interesting people, and he knows a lot of handshakes and nods (see benefices), especially when added to the people he met in the service (both in conventional and shadowier operations.)

Sooner or later, he got in way over his head. Andy got him out of it, and Andy received a blood oath of repayment in return. (While the player understands Frenk isn’t an island, he is only beginning to figure this out.)


Frenk spent his last birds on a rapier, when he learned he would be entering a noble’s service.
[I claim]Ukari swords are typically light-weight broadswords (Jin), or heavy curved blades similar to a katana/scimitar in stats (a Dao).

Frenk Tholwyn

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