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“Blessed am I to live in the reflected light of the Pancreator, revealed through His Prophet Zebulon, and transmitted through His Church to all the worlds of the galaxy. Blessed am I under the guidance of the one true Church, through which all Grace flows. Blessed am I under the protection of Noble Houses, ordained to stand between me and the enemies of the faithful.”
—from the Catechism of the Universal Church of the Celestial Sun (New Revised Edition, 4693)

“We tell ourselves that the Second Republic was a time of terrible sins and hubris unrivaled, a time so dangerously out of touch with the teachings of the Prophet that even the meanest serf, toiling in Pandemonium’s choking hazes, is more fortunate than the Republican citizens who lived on Criticorum, or on Holy Terra herself.
“The grapes are sour indeed. How we have failed our forefathers! They built the Paradise we had dreamed about since we learned to dream, and we tore it apart, replacing it with fanaticism and feudalism.
“Humans, it seems, are cursed forever to move in cycles, learning enough from our past mistakes to survive our future ones—but not enough to avoid them. We have ebbed and flowed for how many thousands of years, the waters of history one century rushing up the same familiar channels, and the next retreating when the tide of time shifts? Now we stand on a debris-scattered shore with the watermarks of our highest tide unreachable above our heads, and no knowing how far the waters will ebb this time.
“It is the dawn of the sixth millenium, Reader, and the suns are fading.”
—excerpt from The Jeremiad of Asana al-Malik (banned by the Church for blasphemy)

Slouching Toward Yathrib

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